First fox

My story collection First fox was launched during the Auckland Writers Festival 2017. Illustrated by Rachel J. Fenton and published by the UK’s award-winning The Emma Press, First fox has been described as “magical… captivating… uncomfortably strange” by the UK’s Literature Works.

“This 46 page collection packs a punch,” Literature Works says. “A slightly dreamlike and surreal narrative style questions quiet, non-descript suburbia and throws into the light a world of darkness seething with uncomfortable realities, extraordinary situations in seemingly ordinary circumstances and a good measure of perfectly well timed dark humour which binds the collection together… The power of these stories to move and disturb the reader is for me, where their success lies… a little collection… that has a big impact and… celebrate[s] the powerful and dynamic short story as a form of fiction which is enjoying ever growing popularity… Leanne Radojkovich demonstrates with this collection precisely why. A thoroughly recommended read.”

The UK’s Cuckoo Review compares the stories to Angela Carter’s writing and says this “collection of unusual, fairy-tale like stories… brilliantly enchants and enthralls the reader… First fox [is] unique. With its oddly complex realities mixed with bizarre yet magical moments… The power of these stories… resonated with me long after reading.”

NZ author Frankie McMillan (My Mother and the Hungarians) said: “First Fox – like a fox running over snow there is a lightness, a poetic grace and a keen focus to these stories. Sharp, true and always hinting at a larger world, the work has a fable-like quality. Naturalistic images abound e.g. ‘ leaving behind a white dress folded neatly as an origami bird’ and ‘ fish sped past like a throw of knives.’ The book is enhanced by original art work (award-winning artist, Rachel J. Fenton) and is just the right size to hold in the palm of your hand. Devour this delightful book in one sitting then savour the stories all over again.”

“This first collection is a joy,” wrote UK poet and writer Alison Lock in her review, and Irish novelist and short story writer Nuala O’Connor (Miss Emily) has said First fox contains, “Gorgeously surreal short fiction.”

“A shimmering, fantastical, insightful book of stories,” one of the book’s first readers, Bridget Simpson, wrote.

First fox is available from The Book Depository, Amazon, and publisher The Emma Press.